Past Exhibitions

Open Saturdays 12-6 and by appointment till August 13th at sfagllc Detroit

alexandra virginia martin
i  noun (1) often attributive

: something shaped like want

: the candle not the cake
often an offering.

: someone aware of possessing a personal individuality: SELF

I  try to draw the rocks from memory.

: like looking more than finding

I  iterate.

The way I learn is more interesting than what I know.

The first solo exhibition by alexandra virginia martin, running from July 16th to August 13th at Spaysky Fine Art Gallery llc. Using patterned and bonded latex as a primary material, the naturally elastic and water-tight material forms vessels, surfaces, and displays for material interactions. Substances in all states of matter play off the latex forms to evoke smells, textures, and flavors that range from familiar to specific. Individual moments formed by sculptural objects come together into an immersive experience that shapes the trajectory through the gallery space. Using the color, strength, and flexibility of the latex, Martin curates materials from moments of life and specifically arranges them into deliberately intimate encounters for the viewer.

An opening reception will be held July 16th from 5 – 8 pm 
Spaysky Fine Art Gallery llc
1539 Hubbard Street

photo credit Na Forest Lim


Opening July 10th, 2022 from 12 am-4 pm

1500 S. Western Ave.
Suite 415, Building A
Chicago, IL 60608

July 10th–August 7th

Spaysky Fine Art Gallery llc at Good Weather Volume 3: Oda Haugerud. The third exhibition presented inside a to-scale sculptural recreation of the Spaysky Fine Art Gallery built within the Good Weather project space.

Volume 3, a solo exhibition of works by Oda Haugerud, brings sculpture and video from the Swedish artist conceived and created while on residency in Detroit. The show brings Haugerud's intimately considered use of industrial materials and spacially aware installations into the confines of the artificially fabricated SFAGLLC.

Patterns of mechanically formed material misshaped through organic wear and penetrated with key blanks and metal, eluding to the material's malleability and the objects' hidden interior structures. Depiction of ambient light refracted and abstracted through liquid. Metal on metal loudly buzzing with life but divorced from functionality. Haugerud brings a light touch to strangely familiar materials to create an experience that sensitively reevaluates them as aesthetic objects reacting and relating to their placement.

Volume 3 is the 3rd of a series of shows organized by Spaysky Fine Art Gallery llc for Good Weather's project space housed in Suit 415 of the Midland Warehouses of Chicago.

Open Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am–5 pm or by appointment Wednesday–Friday