Spaysky Fine Art Gallery llc presents Laocoön and his Daughters, an off-site project of sculptural works by Kurtis Greene that will be held at 1463 E Jefferson Ave on Sunday, September 17th, from 1-8 pm

Kurtis Greene’s objects are building blocks for moments. With a disparate practice, mediums that vary widely, and enigmatically complex outputs, each work behaves as a well-constructed player primed to create poignantly dramatic interactions on an exhibition stage. The viewer's relationship to the works changes based on perspective, proximity, and lines of sight. 

Andrew Zago’s park pavilion on Jefferson has held a place in my mind for over a decade. A shockingly distinct yet thoroughly undefined place, it is architecture without a building. It’s neither sculpture nor structure. It implies functionality without having a purpose. Built like a bizarre model for a future in an economically neglected 2001 Detroit, the pavilion has been allowed to age for decades as the rest of the city has remodeled its past.

At some point, the sensitivity of Greene’s practice and the nature of the pavilion clicked together in my mind, and I approached him about developing an exhibition. Laocoön and his Daughters is the result of this merger. Using the pavilion as an exposed gallery, Greene creates a spatial installation you can experience from outside and in. The objects are isolated within a room while simultaneously relating to the environment. The forms play with the structure's modernity and the public park's grit all at once. Each work exists in equal presence to the viewer's experiences, the artist's experiences, and the experiences of the landscape surrounding it. Laocoön and his Daughters is an exhibition concerned with form and repetition, the artist’s personal history, and the state of the world separately yet simultaneously creating a complex constellation of relationships and sensitivities.

Due to the nature of this exhibition, Laocoön and his Daughters will only be on display for one day, Sunday, September 17th, 2023, from 1-8 pm under the pavilion at 1463 E Jefferson Ave.

Kurtis Greene (b. 1985, Detroit, MI) lives and works in Detroit, Michigan. Received a BFA from the College for Creative Studies in 2009 and an MFA in Studio Arts from New York University in 2016. He was a founding member and curator at North End Studios (2009-12) and a member of the Cave artist-run gallery collective (2013-15). His exhibition history includes ORG Contemporary, Detroit, MI; Northend Studios, Detroit, MI; Cave Gallery, Detroit, MI; Forum Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI; Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY; 80 WSE Gallery, New York, NY; Valade Family Gallery, Detroit, MI; and the Marshall Fredericks Museum, Saginaw, MI; among others. In addition, he is also a contributing writer for Runner magazine, a 3D shop technician, a hand lettering engraver, an industrial clay modeler, and a parent.

Kurtis Greene
Laocoön and his Daughters

Off Site and One Day Only,

Sunday, September 17th
open 1:00 - 8:00

1463 E Jefferson Ave