Spaysky Fine Art Gallery llc presents Kuzaks, A Group show of works by three distinctive artists with a shared upbringing.

I've known Maddie Kuzak and her work for several years. Over time, she has proudly introduced much of the Detroit art scene to each of her siblings and the works they produce. Their impressively strong supportive family dynamic is backed by their individual dedication to thoughtfully transgressive art practices. The Kuzak family has been a powerhouse of creativity that has emerged from the Detroit art scene. Kuzaks (the show) is a prompt by me inspired by their warm support of each other. An invitation for them to work together to form this exhibition. Opening April 16th Kuzaks features works by Maddie Kuzak, Genevieve Kuzak, and Lydia Kuzak, with an opening reception from 5-8 pm.

1539 Hubbard Street
Detroit, MI 48209