April 16th 2021
Claire Cirocco
Sara Nishikawa
Maya Davis
Pete Digennaro
The Group Show

Announcing Spaysky Fine Art Gallery LLC's relaunch with a new gallery location in Southwest Detroit and a new inaugural show opening April 16th.

The Group Show, an exhibition of works by Claire Cirocco, Sara Nishikawa, Maya Davis, and Pete DiGennaro

Organized by Dylan Spaysky, this exhibition features works by four different artists of vastly different practices. It is a simple show celebrating the diversity of approaches used on various ends of the Detroit community. With works utilizing experimental music, handbuilt ceramics, conceptual material use, and fashion design, The Group Show is a community show meant to fold different disparate ends together into one small gallery and to celebrate the opening of a new space.

Claire Cirocco (b. 1993 White Plains, New York) lives and works in Southwest Detroit, MI. She has spent the last decade experimenting with and recording sounds. She has performed solo under the aliases Comme À La Radio and Pearl Diver, as well as collaboratively with the groups XV, The New Me, Cultural Fog, Living Modes, Detroit Synthetic Society, The Vitas, Bonny Doon, and Nurse. She also paints, draws and crochets.

Sara Nishikawa was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and currently lives and works in Detroit, MI. She has a BA magna cum laude in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA 2012), a MA in Visual Arts from CSUN (Northridge, CA 2015,  and an MFA in Ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Arts (Bloomfield Hills, MI 2017). She has exhibited work at the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (South Korea), Simone DeSousa Gallery (Detroit, MI), 1301 Broadway (Detroit, MI), Ann Arbor Art Center (Ann Arbor, MI), Paint Creek Center for the Arts (Rochester, MI) Tessellate Gallery (Pontiac, MI), Reyes Projects (Birmingham, MI), Trinosophes (Detroit, MI), Forum Gallery (Bloomfield Hills, MI), and Mana Contemporary (Chicago, IL) among others. In addition to her studio practice, she has also worked on various projects such as Bulk Space (Exhibition and Project Coordinator), Reyes|Finn (gallery administrator), Mostly Butter residency (director), and Tessellate Residency and Gallery (co-director).

Maya Davis is an Artist and Arts Educator from Lansing, Michigan, currently living and working in Detroit, MI. Studying in the College for Creative Studies Fine Arts and Education programs, Maya has exhibited works at Holding House (Detroit, MI), U245 (Detroit, MI), Firecracker Foundation (Lansing, MI), been published by Anhelo Anhelo Press (Detroit, MI), and worked in education and programming at The Studio Museum (Harlem, NY), Wasserman Projects (Detroit, MI), CCS galleries (Detroit, MI), Wing Lake Developmental Center (Detroit, MI), and Project Art USA (Detroit, MI) among others

Pete DiGennaro (1987 Raleigh, North Carolina) currently lives in southwest Detroit, Michigan. He is a traveler of America and an artist of various mediums; including music production, clothing design, oil and acrylic paintings, and drawings. He produces upcycled clothes under the company name Gulchi World and produces music under the name Hell Computer.