alexandra virginia martin

i  noun (1) often attributive

: something shaped like want

: the candle not the cake
often an offering.

: someone aware of possessing a personal individuality: SELF

I  try to draw the rocks from memory.

: like looking more than finding

I  iterate.

The way I learn is more interesting than what I know.

The first solo exhibition by alexandra virginia martin, running from July 16th to August 13th at Spaysky Fine Art Gallery llc. Using patterned and bonded latex as a primary material, the naturally elastic and water-tight material forms vessels, surfaces, and displays for material interactions. Substances in all states of matter play off the latex forms to evoke smells, textures, and flavors that range from familiar to specific. Individual moments formed by sculptural objects come together into an immersive experience that shapes the trajectory through the gallery space. Using the color, strength, and flexibility of the latex, Martin curates materials from moments of life and specifically arranges them into deliberately intimate encounters for the viewer.

An opening reception will be held July 16th from 5 – 8 pm 
Spaysky Fine Art Gallery llc
1539 Hubbard Street